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Scott C. McCartney, CFA

The world is more networked than ever before, from technology’s and globalization’s effects. By many measures we are more prosperous than ever, yet feelings of economic insecurity often run high. Living standards in developing countries are making great gains, but richer, developed countries are struggling for consistent economic growth, as their populations age. Voters around the world are dissatisfied and sometimes upending the elites and their preferred order.

I’m entering my fifteenth year as an investment professional, and all of us who have lived the time know that the era has been filled with countless historic moments. At Ascent, I serve as Chief Investment Officer, and I and my team try to make sense of the world, the economy, and society’s trends. We do our best to invest accordingly, to sustain and grow our clients’ wealth. Whatever we do, it’s with our solemn charge guiding us: Clients First. Always.

I attained my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2006, my MBA from Penn State in 1993, and my BA in Political Science from Harvard in 1989. Early in my career I worked for several large companies in management and financial positions. Every one of those jobs, in addition to my formal education, helped to make me the investor I am today.

I live in Barneveld, New York, with two great kids, and love the outdoors. That’s where you’ll find me most weekends.