About Ascent

Ascent Wealth Partners is an independent registered investment advisor with offices in New Hartford, Saratoga Springs, and Elmira, New York, serving successful individuals, their families, and their businesses. The firm was founded by Brad Kowalczyk, J.D., LL.M, Mark Moshier, CPA, and Scott McCartney, CFA, who collectively have over seventy years of experience providing financial advisory services to high-net-worth clients with sophisticated needs.

At Ascent, our mission is to assist our clients in identifying and attaining their life goals. To do that, we use our experience as investment and planning professionals to look at life from their perspective — what do they want to achieve? what do they hold most important? We are committed to helping them make that happen. Our advice is straightforward and objective. We put our clients’ best interests first. Always.

Beyond our wealth management services, we also specialize in helping business owners prepare for and optimize liquidity events, and we also offer consulting for retirement plan sponsors.